We provide consulting and basic engineering services for new and existing phosphoric acid plants.We actively support advancement of phos acid technology and have supported and developed valuable innovations. A brochure describing technology and listing phos acid projects is available upon request at JohnWingPE@verizon.net.


  • Dihydrate:Process design for several expansions and many modifications. Experience as Asst. Phos Acid Plant Supt., Tech Services Supt., &R&D Engr.
  • Hemi:Designed 2 very successful conversions from Dihydrate to Hemihydrate Consulted for 4 new Hemi plants.Studied conversion of several plants to Hemi See the Hemi page in this website.
  • Hemi-Di:Studied conversion of 5 phos acid plants to Hemi-Di. Basic engineering to convert Oswal plant to Hemi-Di. Construction was started but not completed after another company bought facility.)
  • Evaluations to select process: Advise clients regarding Dihydrate vs. Hemi


  • Reactors:Projects with most brands, including Prayon Mark 2,3,&4, Yara, Jacobs-Dorr, Oxy Hemi, & Chemico. Converted two Prayon reactors to Hemi
  • Filters:Tilting Pan: Delkor, Eimco (FL Smidth), Landskrona, Pannevis, Phillippe Tilting Pan: Bird-Prayon (Andritz) with 3 types of central valve, including modern EX-LV. Table:Ucego (RPA)
  • Evaporators: HiTech Solutions: We provided complete design of evaporators, including entrainment separators & FSA units. Swenson, Struthers, Krebs, etc.

Supporting Sections

  • Handling of Phosphate Rock, Clay, Silica, &DeFoamer
  • Rock Grinding
  • Fume Collection & Scrubbing
  • Fluosilicic Acid Recovery
  • Phos Acid Handling, Clarification, Shipping
  • Water Systems for Cooling, Gypsum Transfer, etc.
  • Phosphogypsum Stacking & Utilization


John Wing presented several phos acid papers AIChE Clearwater Conf., including:
    The Hemi Era in Phosphoric Acid, 2006
  • Selecting a Phosphoric Acid Process:Di, Hemi, & Hemi-Di, 2008
  • Mud Chemistry? An Insider Reveals the Soft Side of Phosphate Technology, ‘09
  • Phosphoric Acid Evaporator Bottlenecks: Causes & Cures, 1980
  • He presented Phos Acid Reactors: Art & Science at Regional Phosphate Conf, 2010. These papers are available upon request at JohnWingPE@verizon.net.