Some presentations by John Wing at phosphate conferences are listed here.

AIChE Clearwater International Phosphate Conference

  • PG Era: Utilizing PhosphateIndustry’s Most Abundant Co-Product, AIChE, 2016
  • Mud Chemistry? An Insider Reveals the Soft Side of Phosphate Technology, ‘09
  • Selecting a Phosphoric Acid Process: Di, Hemi, & Hemi-Di, 2008
  • The Hemi Era in Phosphoric Acid, 2006
  • Can a Little Altruism Enhance an Engineer’s Career Satisfaction?, 2001
  • Phosphoric Acid Evaporator Bottlenecks: Causes & Cures, 1980

CRU Phosphate Conferences

  • HEMI: The Economic, Easy, & Energy-Efficient Phos Acid Process, Paris, 2016
  • Features Every DAP Plant Needs,Tampa, 2015.
  • Phosphoric Acid: Valuable Source of By-Products, Monte Carlo, 2013

Arab Fertilizer Association

  • DAP & Phos Acid Plant Improvements, Amman, 2011
  • Lakeland Regional Phosphate Conference, Lakeland, Florida, USA
  • 5th Dimension: An Engineer’s Insight into Bureaucracies, 2014
  • Phos Acid Reactors: Art & Science, Gigs & Garlands, & Gut Feel, 2010
These papers are available upon request Papers presented at AIChE Clearwater International Phosphate Conference are available free on line at
All papers since 2006 are available, plus some from earlier years. This conference is held annually in early June.